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The City  

Espalion, a 1000 years old history

historyThe city of Espalion would have been founded by the emperor Charlemagne. During the Middle Age, Espalion belonged to the Lord of Calmont d’Olt before being sold to the Castelnau de Bretenoux familiy

After the French revolution, Espalion will experience a strong development with the building of new infrastructures (a new road, a new bridge accross the Lot river, new schools…).

Today, Espalion is a dynamic town in a rural area. It offers a great range of services (nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, high schools, hospital, cinema, theater, sport and cultural infrastructures) and is rich of a great number of non for profit organizations (sports, culture, social field, …).

Trade and businesses in Espalion

historyEspalion is the economic chief town of the Haut Rouergue and North Aveyron area.

The center of the city is a commercial area with more almost 200 shops and services.

Espalion owes its economic strength to the 150 industries and businesses located in the economic zones around the city. It is still possible to find quite affordable fields in Espalion to settle your own business. Contact us for any information.